• Image of Blackened Ti Raptor: Bird Of Pry MkII (extremely small batch)

(ATTENTION: this is a 7 week lead time item. Also as all the material has been purchased for the ATI units from 2 weeks ago, I can not trade out that unit for this one just because you'd rather have this version over that. Please understand that before purchasing!)

Limited run at the same price as the other MkII Raptors in ATI. When picking up the material for the ATI units I also snagged a smaller amount of 6Al-4v in the same thickness so this special run will be the only Blackened Ti units ever done. Very small batch available & I won't be making this toe again after they are gone.

Raptor: Bird Of Pry MkII new features:

.375" thickness vs the MkI's .250".

Done away with are the o-rings & o-ring channels. The driver bit bay now has a floor running most of the length of said bit w/ wall angles keeping the dual bit from rattling around as 3 rare earth magnets flush pressed to keep a firm pull.

The driver bit leans over the edge of the floor just enough to depress that end and pivot it from the magnetic grip.

Lastly there is a 4th rare earth magnet flush pressed in an EDM sinker spot on one of the hex hole walls. Removing the need for the o-rings place over the hole as a tension brace for the driver bit.

PVD coated dual driver bit.

All materials & production proudly done in the USA. Designed and manufactured in California.

Made from 6Al-4v grade 5 Titanium.

This has a 2 month lead time from payment to shipment to allow for machine time to open once my Current kickstarter for the Fric Bric has been finished in the CNC machine.

Chinese shipments will now be done via FedEx or DHL international shipments. This is the reason for the more expensive shipping charge. I've had too many items lost in Chinese mail. I can't take that risk with usps anymore.

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