• Image of Blackened ATI-425-MIL kNUCLEUS MkII Cigar Stand / Bottle Opener / Executive Paperweight

This is no cerakote. There is no paint type coating of any kind. It's simply chemistry as work.

The blackened ATI-425-MIL Grade 38 Titanium Strike Plate finish is incredible durable. It tumbled in corse media for 3 hours with so much as an edge showing through.

These are .580" thick.

They have a 4 week lead time from date of purchase to being dropped at the post office.

I took my love of the circle, the simplest, most minimalistic pure shape in Euclidean geometry; and utilized its curves to create the shape of this product. Hence it's name, The kNUCLEUS. [new-klee-us]

This executive paperweight will look stunning on any desk. It is an effortless bottle opener utilizing the same shape as my Raptor:Bird Of Pry. When stood on its side it makes a very unique & eye catching cigar stand for all you aficionados.

Made in very small quantities in Los Angeles, CA. Made proudly by small business owners in the USA.

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